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What's is the Cloud?

The Cloud enables you to be in two or more places at one time!  We have proven that WinTotal and Total can be accessed and utilized effectively and efficiently in a Cloud-based environment.  No more cumbersome remote access services.  Just login to your web portal and you are working ON YOUR REPORTS from ANYwhere and ANYtime!!

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(512) 942-5500

(888) 371-3911

Servicing Appraisers in South and Central Texas

It doesn't matter how old or new your IT infrastructure is.  It doesn't matter if you work alone or if you have many appraisers working together.  It doesn't matter if you work in an office, work from home, or work from the road.  We have been providing quality, efficient, effective, and professional IT services for Real Estate Appraisers since 2003.

We are an A La Mode Technology Partner and we can help you when your issues are beyond the scope of the awesome A La Mode support techs and engineers.  We know Athena, Aurora, and Total.  We know XSites and XSellerate.  We know Sketches.  Let us help you get your job done and get those appraisal reports turned around!!